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Electra Cruiser - Cool Fuel Road Trip

My plug-in story

EV’s have been my passion for many years. In 1996 the idea came to me to build a full-sized motorcycle with power, performance and high speed. After all, if you can place a big block Chevy in a motorcycle why not a bunch of batteries. So after months of planning and design work the first Electra Cruiser rolled out under its own power 2001. A beast of a bike, it proved a large electric motorcycle could be built and perform well. The first prototype was the basis for the next design in 2003. In 2003 I received a phone call from Australia from a gentleman named Shaun Murphy, a TV host and producer. Shaun stated he wanted the Cruiser for a TV series “Cool Fuel Road Trip” he was putting together for Discovery Science. I quickly built the second prototype in 3 months and delivered it to Shaun. The bike became part of a 13 episode TV series part of a 16,000 mile trek across the USA using no gas, only renewable clean energy. The series aired on Discovery Science, Planet Green and many other stations. I then went on to write the book titled “Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle” with McGraw Hill.

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