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100 miles on 11 bars

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I decided to purchase a new Nissan Leaf in August 2012 as my old ICE SUV was in need of some costly repairs. I researched it for about a month before I approached a dealer in my area. As it turns out I probably knew more than the salesman about the vehicle.

My daily commute to work is about 20 miles each way and so far it has been smooth sailing. My biggest concern when purchasing was the lack of public charging infrastructure. Now 2 months into EV ownership I am a lot less concerned.

I am a Systems Engineer by profession so new, emerging technology is a passion of mine. Of course not having to buy gas anymore was also a strong impetus in my decision.

So far I have put almost 3000 miles on the Leaf and no complaints. The first thing one needs to adjust to is how quiet the car is. After few weeks I took my wife's car to the gas station to get gas and I was struck on how noisy it is in the car and she drives a Lexus.

If buying a new BEV I would strongly suggest negotiating the cost of a L2 charger or EVSE for your home or getting that installed before taking delivery. It will greatly help acclimating to EV driving and reduce any range anxiety. Also the so oft mentioned range anxiety ebbs away after a few weeks as you get to know your car and what it can do.

Speaking of what it can do, as I was entering a HWY not too long ago a couple of kids in a Mustang pulled up next to me and began to giggle and point, like look at the golf cart going on the HWY. Well when the light changed green I hit the accelerator and left them in the electronic dust. As I settled in to the hwy speeds, they did catch up to me as I was only doing about 60- 63 mph. The look on their faces was dramatically changed from mocking to dumbfounded. They had been dusted by a Leaf!

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