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My plug-in

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This is Eeevvvaaa! (Pronounced like Wall-E does)

My plug-in story

I have always strived to purchase reliable high-quality functional products that make economic sense. I don't like wasting time and money and EV's are a perfect fit for me for these goals.

My fuel costs are 1/5 the cost of gasoline (and frequently free - ask me how!) and when I charge from home the fuel is 100% renewable from solar and wind. I ask so much of my EV and frequently you'll find me carrying HEAVY loads at freeway speeds.

My car is now 11 years old and everything on the drivetrain (including the batteries) is original. Still the car has about a 100 mile range.

My location

San AnselmoCA 94960
United States

I've been driving a plug-in since


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