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My plug-in

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My new LEAF - Feb 2011

My plug-in story

In 2000, as my beloved 30 year old Citroen gasped and spewed, I began to look at electric cars. I found drivers who loved their EV1s, RAV4 EVs and EV+s, but the industry was working to postpone the inevitable and government agencies lacked the chutzpah to challenge big oil and big auto. I was too late to the party to get one of those great cars, but I did lease a Ford Th!nk City for 34 months, after which they reclaimed their property to be crushed. We protested, Ford stopped the crushing, and today my Th!nk City is still being driven in its birthplace, Norway.

I couldn't face going back to gasoline. I bought a used 2002 RAV4 EV in 2004. Today it's still going strong with 89,000 miles on the original battery.

When Nissan, to my great surprise and delight, announced its intention to produce an all-electric car, I signed right up. I took possession of my red LEAF in February 2011. It's been driven 20,000 trouble-free, emission-free miles.

EV driver to EV-curious contact is what turns the curious into drivers. The folks I've helped turned into EV drivers: my brother Alan (RAV4 EV); Dr. Jay (RAV4 EV); Matt F(RAV4 EV); Mara P(LEAF); Brad B (LEAF); Luke D(Th!nk City); Bob O(Volt); Richard Z(Tesla S); Kevin L(LEAF); Christine H (LEAF.)

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