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2011 Nissan Leaf

My plug-in story

I went through all the processes to get a Leaf (Georgia) and finally got to order it in July of 2011. At this time I was told that it would arrive in December 2011, but would be a 2012 model with the price increase. I felt that the people who had been registered in the 2011 model year production should have been grandfathered in at the 2011 MSRP, even if it was to be a 2012 model. I felt a little betrayed, but my order was already in place. In Georgia, I didn't need the heated seats and steering wheel, so I started an internet search for a 2011 model. Finally found exactly what I wanted plus some extra options, at Pennacle Nissan in Scottsdale, AZ, in August 2011. I purchased it and with shipping included, I still saved about $1800. It has been and still is a great car with no service issues ever developing since I have had it.

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AtlantaGeorgia 30308
United States

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