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Our "fleet," including a folding bike and an adult tricycle, in Redwood City, but we recently moved to Berkeley. (See "PEV Fleet" photo in gallery.)

My plug-in story

I've been plugging for plug-in cars since 2002, when I founded The California Cars Initiative ( In 2006 I began driving a Prius converted to plug in. In December 2010 we got one of the first Chevy Volts, and in January 2011, our family became the world's first household with both a Chevy Volt and a Nissan Leaf. Here they are after we moved to Berkeley.

We love giving people test drives in our 2 plug-ins. I didn't expect to find myself selling cars! But we can already count AT LEAST 3 people who've decided to buy a PEV after trying them out -- plus others who got the message through CalCars and other groups I work with.

In effect, helping dealers sell cars is one of the big ways DrivingElectric can have an impact!

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BerkeleyCA 94702
United States

I've been driving a plug-in since



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