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First road trip
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First road trip

After three months of only commuting in my new Leaf my wife and I decided to try it on a road trip. We had four days to go to Seatle and back to Squamish BC. We don't have Quick chargers up here yet so we were excited to try out the Electric Highway on the I5. 

road trip

Is this a planned trip or did you finish the trip already? How was it? I'm thinking about taking a weekend and going from KC to Abilene, KS and back. Would have to charge for 2-3 hours in Lawrence and Topeka and then 4-5 hours in Manhattan with a repeat of 4-5 in Manhattan on way back and 2-3 again in Topeka and Lawrence. So I can't quite get halfway across the state. It's all level 2 charging. 


What's the Electric Highway?

Hi, I'm new here. I know where I-5 is (I grew up in Tacoma and Seattle, now live in Indiana), but I don't know what the Electric Highway is. What is it?

Don't Leave Us Hanging!

Hey dheywood71,

Did you try the road trip? How did it go? 

@VirAnimae - electric highway

Vir...check this post regarding 'electric highway':