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Do you want to get credit for helping carmakers sell PEVs?
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Do you want to get credit for helping carmakers sell PEVs?

I introduced this topic in a blog today, explaining what we're trying to start. So here's my list:

  • Frank in Kansas City, MO: March 2012: "at least one person took your advice and bought a Volt."
  • Stephen in Oakland, CA, April 2012 Chevy Volt
  • Roland & Lynda in Foster CityCA, June 2012: Chevy Volt

 I hope to come back and add others!


Rick Brown (not verified)
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Cal Cars

Felix, Have been following you for years...when my 2004 Prius hit 200K, and I could no longer use the HOV lane (boooo), I bought my at 80 MPG on my 56 Mi roundtrip commute.

I want to give credit

I want to give credit! I bought a Zap Xebra because my sister-in-law, Carey, was talking them up. She drives a Zebra painted Xebra here in Portland, OR


Driving A Nissan Leaf

I have been following Felix Kramer's blog on plug in electric vehicles since its inception.  The early efforts focused on converting a Toyota Prius gas burner to a plug in.  The conversion idea was tempting but I decided to wait for a major car company to produce a vehicle that was designed and built for total operation on electricity.  So when Nissan brought the Leaf to market last year I was ready.

As one of the early adopters here in the West Valley of Phoenix, AZ, I also qualified for a free, Blink home charging station from Ecotality.  We have 12.5 KW of solar power panels installed on the house which provides nearly all of our electricity needs including charging the car battery pack.

The Nissan Leaf has proven to be an excellent, low-maintenance vehicle. After a little over 11,000 miles operation in 13 months the Leaf has had zero mechanical or electrical problems.  This is a well-designed, well-built automobile.  Ecotality continues to install public Blink charging stations throughout the Valley so charging away from home is rarely a problem.  Both of the colleges that I visit every week, Glendale Community College and Arizona State University, have Blink chargers available in their parking facilities.

Life is sure interesting when you can be involved in leading-edge technology.


I already do get credit

Here in Israel Better Place give me one month's subscription refund (about $190) for each customer I referr that buys a car. I have a couple of referrals in the system but none has signed yet. I carry the business cards of the Better Place sales consultant who sold me my car and give them out frequently!