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We're getting close to covering the continent

We have drivers in all but 11 states; a ways to go in Canada

A map of DrivingElectric pre-launch showing where the first plug-in drivers who registered are

Wow, that was quick! In our posting yesterday, you saw that invitations sent by our sponsor, the Electric Auto Association brought in registrants from 24 U.S. states and one Canadian province. (We used two-letter abbreviations to fit the list on one line.)

Today, it's easier to report the few states still with no registered PEV owner/driver available to talk/meet/drive with "EV-curious" people:

Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming. (In Canada, so far, we have only Ontario and British Columbia.)

We owe today's boost to word of mouth and email "blasts" today from sponsor Plug In America and our first partner, PlugShare .

We can't say it was all smooth going; in the middle of the day, once registrations started slowing down from a one/minute rate, with the help of our talented developer Ron Knox, and our dedicated testing team Rachel, Marc and Chi, and yours truly, we made an on-the-fly switch to streamline our registration suite so users now choose passwords as they start registerinf.

On Sunday, Sept. 24, at National Plug In Day, the "EV-curious" public (and drivers) will be able to click on the map to connect with you. So before then, please fill out more details in your profile. Especially, if you haven't indicated an address, please add that! (The public will see only your general location.)

We also want to have many more drivers registered by Sunday. So please use the available buttons to share this posting on Facebook. Follow the links on the bottom of every page to like our Facebook page and sign up for our Twitter feed.

And please forward the following invitation to register to every plug-in driver you know:

Check out a new service called -- an online community and searchable directory of EV drivers who want to share the joys of driving electric with those around them.

DrivingElectric is seeking active plug-in driver enthusiasts to become their first members, provide initial content and give them feedback. It only takes about 15 minutes to create a profile about you and your car. Sign up here:


by felixkramer


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We can knock off Connecticut and Maine from our list of "holdout" states, and add Quebec and Saskatchewan. (Still not the whole continent--Mexico is on our future list.)

And now at, you'll  find a DrivingElectric downloadable flyer in two sizes. It's directed at both plug-in drivers and "EV-curious" people, and includes logos of our three sponsors.

You can download it and send it around, and print it to hand out Sunday at National Plug In Day. Why not keep some in your glovebox or tape one to a side window of your car?

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I've just signed up with Driving Electric for my converted Prius PHEV based here in Edmonton, Alberta. There are a few other converted Prius PHEVs in Alberta that I know of and my sister based in Calgary (3 hrs south of Edmonton) seems to have the luck of seeing Telsa Roadsters driving around down there, and taking pictures of them to tease me with. -Andrew

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Today, it's easier to report the few states still with no registered PEV owner/driver available to talk/meet/drive with "EV-curious" people:


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We can't say it was all smooth going; in the middle of the day

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On Sunday, Sept. 24, at National Plug In Day?

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