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  • defrancis2

    Decatur , Georgia   First DC fast charge of my LEAF at Efacec in Norcross
  • devinserpa

    Oakley , CA   My Leaf, Wifes' Volt
  • eGo CarShare

    Boulder , CO   Our Leaf parked in its spot at Alfalfas
  • crx_rogus

    York , PA   My mini-PHEV-2 with DIY Level 1 charging
  • akallen

    Santa Barbara , CA   2011 ActiveE Intro in LA
  • kiminsac

    Lincoln , California   At the dealer still :)
  • nkinney

    Los Gatos , California   Picking up 'Lana' for first trip home - November 29, 2011
  • Rseevers

    Waukesha , WI   Lola the Leaf
  • downhill1956

    Santa Barbara , California   Speeding down the road, my wife says to me, "you better pull over!"
  • ejecea

    Kalispell , Montana   There she was on the showroom floor... Just waiting for me!

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